Kett Warranty and Maintenance Programs


Kett’s warranty covers the traditional parts and labor necessary to correct the rare problem that may occur.  In addition we offer three unique features that assure you that, should you have an issue, you will be able to continue your aggressive quality efforts in the shortest time possible.

1.  Specification Guarantee
In addition to parts and labor if an instrument fails, we guarantee that measurement performance meets the stated instrument spec.  If it doesn’t, call our support staff and we’ll get the problem fixed.  For a copy of the warranty language click here

2.  24-Hour repair guarantee
During the warranty period, if an instrument needs to be repaired one of two actions will occur
a.  The instrument will be repaired an shipped back to you within 24 hours of receipt, or
b.  We will offer you a loaner instrument (free of charge) until your instrument is able to be returned.
This assures you that the maximum downtime is two days from initially contacting us with the issue.

3.  Online/Inline Instrument repair – as soon as we identify that the instrument needs to be repaired, we will offer a free loaner instrument – maximum downtime – one day from initial contact.



As noted elsewhere we continue to service instruments that are 40+ years old – a testament to the durability of our designs and our willingness to support our customers.   We offer a variety of post-warranty maintenance agreements depending on your instrument(s) and requirements.  Please contact our office our your territory specialist if you need a quote or have questions. … or if you’d like to see pictures of instruments customers have sent us… after they had problems!