Grain Moisture and Seed Moisture Calibrations - PM450


The attached list shows standard calibrations for moisture measurement in the PM450 moisture meter. This list is subject to change. Your instrument may have a slightly different list or order depending on the date of manufacture.



01Wheat Moisture6-40
02Barley Moisture6-40
03Corn (Maize) Moisture6-35
04Soybean Moisture6-30
05Canola (Rapeseed) Moisture6-30
06Rye Moisture6-30
07Oat Moisture6-30
08Sorghum Moisture6-30
09Sunflower (Large) Moisture6-30
10Sunflower (Medium) Moisture4-20
11Sunflower (Small) Moisture6-20
12Long Paddy Rice Moisture9-35
13Long Milled Rice Moisture9-20
14Hazelnut Moisture4-15
15Buckwheat Moisture6-30
16Peanut Moisture4-20
17Black Pepper Moisture4-20
18Mung Bean Moisture6-30
19Bean Moisture6-30
20Pea Moisture6-35
21Clove Moisture6-20
22Raw Coffee (Dry Cherry) Moisture4-40
23Green Coffee Moisture4-30
24Roast Coffee Moisture1-20
25Parchment Coffee (Arabica) Moisture  4-40
26Parchment Coffee (Robusta) Moisture  4-40
27Almond Moisture2-18
28Cacao Moisture4-30
29Quinoa Moisture4-20
30Roast Cacao Moisture1-8
Note: If you don’t see a calibration for your application, please see our PM650 Calibrations or contact our office and we’ll be happy to help with your specific requirements and custom calibrations.