Kett's Unique Total Care Solution Package


Independent surveys of laboratory and plant management professionals that recommend and use test instrumentation consistently document three problems specific to their applications and processes:

1.  Identifying the right instrument for their specific application needs so that the meter produces accurate results are repeatable, consistent, and reproducible.

2.  Finding a high-quality analyzer that is reliable, rugged and durable enough to withstand their harsh environment and the constant employee handling.

3.  And finally, being able to find a manufacturer of professional instrumentation that will provide an on-site trial machine for evaluation, help with installation and initial calibration, complete operator training, and is available for on-going customer support to ensure their process is accurate.

This causes frustration, skepticism and uncertainty about the best method to use for measuring  R&D projects and ongoing production processes.  Not to mention the increased waste and/or costs caused by inaccurate measurements of existing instrumentation!.



At Kett, we protect you from those problems through our unique “Total Care Solution” which means that we will invest the time upfront to demonstrate that we understand your industry and specific needs, and will outline an application solution customized to your company and process.  Next we will assist you with creating the calibration curves necessary for accurate readings and train you operators on-site at no additional charge.

Our “Total Care Solution” also includes performance guarantees, quick support guides, and unlimited free phone and email support.  In addition, we provide a specification guarantee included in our warranty and, should there be a rare instrument problem during warranty, a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround for repairs or loaner instruments.

If you want to improve your team’s capabilities – guaranteed – contact us

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