Why You Should Upgrade Instrumentation Now


Especially in these days of tight budgets and minimal expansion (and possibly contraction), it is difficult to get capital equipment purchases approved – especially if the currently used instrument is still operational.  However, this is actually the most important time to take a close look at your current instrumentation and quality assessment process and determine if upgrading to newer technology can actually be the best money your company can spend.

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If you’d like to talk with one of our application engineers, we’d be happy to help you complete a project assessment worksheet which details both the complete cost of the upgrade and the financial benefits (direct and indirect) immediately obtained.  This information has been shown by other customers to help them advocate the upgrade project, even in tight financial times. Contact Kett»

Finally, we aim to design ergonomically usable features into each instrument – items, controls, and accessories that enhance the user’s experience.  If your staff enjoys the test process and believes they can easily get accurate measurements, they are more likely to increase the number of times they conduct a test – improving your development and manufacturing processes.   At the same time, we try to avoid adding seldom-used features that make the instrument more complex and cumbersome.