This desktop system offers a compact solution for near-line sampling or laboratory analysis. Select the product calibration from the touch panel, place the sample on the measurement platform and the 94T provides the moisture value in less than two seconds. Samples can be tested as quickly as they can be placed on the system.

See: M94T for the brochure.

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The cost-effective 94L Production System provides instant, on-line measurement of liquids, solids and slurries without sample preparation, handling or alteration. The compact rugged design allows placement in locations where the environment is unfriendly and space is minimal.

Integrated electronics provide high-quality, long-term performance on an easily affordable budget. 4-20mA output, high/low alarms, automatic measurement smoothing and integrated input for temperature and density compensation are just a few of the primary features.

See: MM94L for the brochure.

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