High frequency measurements allow the wood to be tested without the standard penetrations made by existing capacitance/conductance methods. Surfaces can be quickly tested in multiple locations without product degradation. Precious woods, finished furniture, paper reels, and musical instruments can be easily tested.

The integrated alarm easily highlights problem areas, even when you cannot see the display. Automatic temperature compensation, density adjustment, and penetration thickness selection are included.

Includes leather carrying case that attaches to a work belt.

See: HM530 for the brochure.

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If you can hold it, you can test it, leaving your other hand free for writing or other tasks. The MT100 has been designed to easily insert the sensor needles with a natural downward arm motion. A finger protector is provided for added safety. Sculpted to fit the hand, and weighing less than eight ounces, hours of operation can be comfortably completed. Our exclusive two-switch control minimize operator errors, without eliminating needed functions.

Wood type, alarms, memory and auto temperature correction are included.

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